Five Resolutions to Implement Today to Run a More Sustainable Business Operation in 2022

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Five Resolutions to Implement Today to Run a More Sustainable Business Operation in 2022.  

 Customers are now more concerned about environmental sustainability than ever. According to some estimates, 1 in 3 customers recently stopped buying a product or stopped supporting a brand because of sustainability and ethical concerns, especially after a challenging year. 


While you might already be aware that efforts to reduce waste in your business have added benefits for your bottom line, it is possible to use the new year to strengthen your commitment to sustainability and future-proof your company. The experiences brought by the past year have shown us that adaptability is key to long-term success. In this blog, we give you Five Resolutions to Implement Today to Run a More Sustainable Business Operation in 2022.  


Improve Your Waste Management Process  

An audit of your waste management program will reveal tons of helpful information and inefficiencies. These could include mixing diverse types of waste or having a collection schedule that is too often or not often enough. Many businesses may not be aware of the new laws that govern waste disposal in their local area, states, and federal jurisdictions. 

 A Waste Audit (No Cost Waste Audit) will give you an in-depth assessment of your company's waste management practices and suggest ways to improve. You will also find many waste management resources to help you understand your business's impact on the environment. 


Reduced Energy Use 

Wouldn't it be great to lower your energy cost? This simple goal is easy to achieve and can even grow over time. Shutting off all your electronic equipment at night is a good start. Then, you may consider upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment like LED bulbs and newer HVAC systems. 

To reduce dependence on the main grid, it is possible to take more drastic steps. You may consider installing wind turbines or solar panels on your property to augment your energy supply. Another option is introducing electric vehicles into a company fleet or an employee vehicle plan.


Embrace Flex Work Schedules to Reduce Emissions 

These last few years have forced a shift in working patterns, both in small businesses and large corporations. However, we discovered that employee decentralization does not necessarily lead to lower efficiency. 

It would be a 20% reduction in your weekly commuting carbon emissions if all your employees worked from home one day per week. A recent study even showed that employees who worked from home were able to increase their productivity.  


Opt for Reusable PPE  

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, a whole new waste stream has emerged: personal protective equipment (PPE). Recent studies estimate that we use 129 billion disposable surgical masks worldwide every month. These masks, which are made of paper, metal, and plastic, are almost impossible to recycle. 

You can find alternative disposable mask options to use for your business and help in reducing this new problem. Switch to reusable cotton face masks that can be used interchangeably or create a trash container to collect and dispose of these masks properly. Eco-Friendly Face Mask


Use Reusables in The Office 

Alternatives to single-use plastics such as biodegradable coffee filters and recyclable paper cups have emerged through the years and are rapidly expanding. You may also invest in personalized mugs or glasses for your employees.  

Reusable bottles can be just as stylish as single-use, disposable bottles. Filtered water is proven healthier than tap water or bottled water. And instead of using sticky notes or notepads to organize reusable materials for your staff, rethink the stationery cabinet as a place to store them. 


Get Digital to Eliminate Paper Waste  

Although it may seem daunting to eliminate paper from your workplace, more and more businesses are choosing to go digital. You can start by digitizing your invoices and correspondence. You can digitize any paper records and ensure that your employees have remote access to all their databases and systems. 

Additional consumables such as ink and stationery will be reduced, while valuable office space will be freed up. Even double-sided printing is a great way to reduce paper waste if you cannot go completely paperless. 


In this list are just a few areas you can start working on to make your business more eco-friendly in 2022. Follow along with our blog, Organically Speaking, for more tips and information about recycling, sustainability, and more. Feel free to reach out to one of our Waste Experts. Schedule Here


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