Severe Weather Presents Particular Challenges for Waste Removal

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Severe weather presents particular challenges for waste removal 

Severe weather presents particular challenges for waste removal. Here is what you should know about getting prepared, service disruptions, and after the storm cleanup work. 

Service Disruptions 

We expect consistent solid waste collection or removal from our haulers all year. Normal to heavy rainfall and moderate winds should not disrupt service.  

A general guideline is that collection crews remain on the streets and in service until wind speeds reach 30mph. At that point, the safety of all is the primary concern. 

Under a Hurricane Watch or Hurricane Warning Area 
Some helpful things to know before a storm. 

  • Close all dumpster lids to minimize them filling with water. 
  • Check the trash areas for items on the ground that may become dangerous projectiles in high-force winds. 
  • In areas where damage is significant or severe, open-top roll-off containers will be in short supply. If you see you need one after the storm, order immediately, even if it may be days before it can be delivered.  

Unfortunately, besides the basics, the work with waste and debris cleanup begins after inclement weather has passed.

After a Storm 

Depending upon the severity of the storm, the amount of debris will vary, and regular solid waste collection service will resume as soon as possible.  

If the Federal Government or State declares a state of emergency for the area, FEMA crews would be brought in to assist with debris removal. Under these circumstances, the priority would be to clear access for emergency vehicles and for crews working to restore essential services such as electricity and water.  

Clearing access will impact how fast regular waste pick-up services would be restored.  

Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) 

Debris constituting an immediate threat to public health and safety and removed by the responsible local entity may be eligible for funding under the FEMA Public Assistance program. 

For more information, visit the FEMA website

We are here to assist you and your property teams with monitoring hauler operations and save you time and resources by arranging site cleanup needs.  


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